The year of 1913, in old Villa Americana (now city of Americana), a group of youths gathered - if and he/she decided to organize a soccer association, among them they were João Truzzi, Fortunato Basseto, José Basseto, Carlos Benotto, Cristiano Vescel, Albino Marx, Domingos Meireles, Victório Raghianti, Gerônimo Braga, Emílio Leão Brambila, Cesar Contessoto, Joaquim Dias, Dr. Liraucio Gomes, Prof. Silvino José of Oliveira, Estanislau Pacce, Daniel Boldrini, João Vignoni, Francisco Maia, Achiels Zanaga, Flowering Cibin, João of Oliveira, Heitor Bover, Heitor Cibin, Sunday Vitta, João Biasi, Roberto H. Cordenonsi and Horácio Coutinho, and he/she was born like this on August 04, 1913 Sport Club Arromba, this name appeared in reason of all the animation that the team commemorated your victories.
On September 16, 1917, a General Assembly Extraodinária, alternating the denomination of the club for Rio Branco Foot Ball Club, in honor to the Baron of Rio Branco.
In 1922, year of Centernário of the Independence Rio Branco conquered the Championship From São Paulo of the Interior and it argued against Corinthians in the Parque Antactíca to final, being worth Taça Competence's title and Extra's Champion From São Paulo title, but it lost him/it for 2 to 1.
In the year of 1923 the Rio Branco several it won your championship from São Paulo of the interior, but it would lose him/it I title person from São Paulo again for Corinthians.
Final of the decade of 40, Rio Branco disables the soccer department.
On December 14, 1961 the club altered the name for Rio Branco Esporte Clube, maintained until today.
In 1977, it was inaugurated the Estádio Décio Vitta that today has the capacity for 16.000 People.
In the year of 1979 Rio Branco has a Professional soccer team again, thanks to coalition between Rio Branco and Americana Esporte Clube (former Vasco da Gama), that felt in April of 1979, approved for voting in Extraordinary Assembly.



Esporte Clube Vasco da Gama e Americana Esporte Clube (AEC)


Your first Championship was the Intermediate Division (2nd Division), in 1979, where it faced in your first game EC Noroeste in 13/05, being driven by technician Luís Bocucci Filho. Like this resurrect the soccer of Rio Branco.
To leave of the decade of 90, the Tiger begins to show your claws, the base categories and the search of new talents turns the club one of the largest disclosers of persons of great ability for the national and international clubs and Brazilian Selection, players as: Rosolém, Odair, Macedo, Flávio Conceição, Marcinho, Sousa, Aritana, Sandoval, Marcos Assunção, Marcelinho Paraíba, Alexandre, Minero, Marcelo Sergipano, Charles, Marcos Senna, Pena, Sandro Hiroshi, Anaílson and Gustavo, Rafael, Gilmar Lima, Thiago Ribeiro...   and they also played for the Tiger competent of the Brazilian soccer like Edmar, Silas, Cristóvão, Nei, Marco Antonio Boiadeiro, Bonamigo, Curê, Rui, Nílson, Júlio César, Vaguinho, Alberto, Marcos Vinícius, Darci, Robert, Marco Antonio, Pinga, Luís Fernando, Luís Eduardo, Mazinho Loyola, Gilson Batata, Marcelo Carioca, Caio Júnior, Hélcio, Célio Lúcio, Afonso, Júlio César(Goleiro), Galeano, Pavão, Rui, Maurício, Reinaldo, Nélson Bertolazzi, Alexandre Gaúcho, Batistinha, Narciso, etc.
In 1990, it conquered him/it the vice championship of the Division it would Intermediate, after tying with Olímpia, in 1992 the Division of Elite of the Championship From São Paulo arrives.
Starting from 1994, it starts to dispute Série C.'S Brazilian Championship
It is one of the few clubs of the State to count with a patrimony of three thirsts (Estádio Décio Vitta, Social Thirst, Nautical Thirst).
The year of 1999 belonged to gunner Sandro Hiroshi that marked 16 goals in the paulistão and he/she became vice gunner of the competition, and on this year the Tiger creates the Company Rio Branco Futebol Clube S/A that passes to administer the soccer, in agreement with the Lei Pelé, and also seeking partnerships with great companies.
In 2000 Rio Branco makes a beautiful campaign in the Paulistão humiliate the Palmeiras for 5x2 and he/she is also classified for Wednesdays of ends being among the better of the championship six.


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